Opera Ball 2016 Invitation

Click the image above to see all the exciting details from this April 30 event!

Our Mission of Education Continues

Our Vocal Competition season is here. Saturday, March 19, our High School Vocal Competition is scheduled. And the Tri-State College Vocal Competition will be held on Sunday, April 10. Click on the menu items above for additional information. These Competitions are free and open to the public.


The spring educational programs for the Guild are kicking off. One can look back at earlier years and the appreciation of the students that Children’s Traveling Opera have written. This makes it all so satisfying and worthwhile.

Thank You 10001 Thank You 30001 Thank You 20001


Opera Volunteers International

Opera Guild of Dayton is a proud member of Opera Volunteers International.  The support and sharing with other opera organizations is important to the success of all of our programs. Their website provides valuable updates and information at http://www.operavolunteers.org.